90.7 WMFE is celebrating National Poetry Month by asking Central Florida residents to submit original poems about their ZIP codes, “ZipOdes” if you will.

“Each ZIP code is five numbers, so we’re asking that each ZipOde be five lines—the number of words in each line is determined by the number in the particular zip code. If your zip code has a zero, that line can be left blank.”


Editor’s Note: Orlando’s own U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins will be participating and he has submitted the following example:

3  You often hear
2  the threat
7  that goes “We know where you live.”
8  So no way I’m giving out my address,
9  but here’s a clue for my creditors and such.
~ U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins


The final day to submit your poem is on April 27. Selected poems will be read on air at the ZipOde Throwdown later that day, at Orlando Brewing.

Click HERE to submit your poem or to learn more.


Scroll down to see some of the ZipOdes that have been submitted thus far.

32801 by Logan Lamphere

3 Businesses, houses, apartments
2 Bisected, dissected
8 Can we be brought back together? I-4 Ultimate
0 …
3 #OrlandoUnited


32804 by Lee Bruno

3 Bungalows, Trees, Shops
2 Edgewater Drive
8 K, Outpost, Christo’s, Shakers, Jade, Dubs, Rusteak, Adriatico
0 …
4 Small Town College Park


32809 by Jeff Henderson

3 Belle Isle Bedrooms
2 Midcentury Modern
8 Older, Newer, Bigger, Smaller, Cottage, Colonial, Ranches, Wrecks
0 (heavy sigh)
9 Nothing ancient remains of Pinecastle settlements. Just a marker


32825 by Karen Woldman

3 We face east
2 Beautiful sunrises
8 Econ River flows, sanctuary for wildlife and humans
2 Precious resource
5 Keep over development at bay


32829 by Cindy Finsie

3 The warm sun
2 Sandhill cranes
8 Songbirds and egrets and herons all remain
2 All remain
9 To enjoy the hospitality of the small ponds abounding


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