Petition to install rainbow crosswalk on South Orange making rounds

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A petition on is asking the City of Orlando to install a rainbow crosswalk at the intersection of South Orange Avenue and Kaley Street, in recognition of the Pulse shootings.

Orange Avenue itself is a State Road and outside of the purview of the City, but if situated on West Kaley’s crosswalk, could fall under the City. The closest intersection would be Esther Street and South Orange Avenue, but Kaley sees far more traffic [GMap].

Atlanta recently adopted a temporary installation as a permanent part of their streetscape, just this past month.

A rainbow roundabout was installed at Sodo Shopping Center, just up the street from Pulse following the shooting. A complaint from a neighbor forced property management to remove it.


  1. Too much. It’s garish and impedes the function of the crosswalk.
    We’ve probably got enough rainbow stuff plastered all over Orlando to last a lifetime . We get it , ok, but enough’s enough.

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