Visit Orlando thinks our signature dish is honey-centric


Last April Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs announced a grand search for Orlando’s “Signature Dish” during her State of the County address on April 7. More on that HERE including a great video announcing the search.

Since then, there hasn’t been much to-do made about the search for a consummately Orlando food item, but according to the Orlando Sentinel‘s Lauren Delgado, it’ll have something to do with honey. Click HERE to read her report.

Visit Orlando hosted a small event on Wednesday, August 23, where they announced the launch of, a website where Orlando chefs can submit a signature dessert recipe that uses local honey.

Those dishes will be made available at the submitting chef’s restaurant through October 1, so the public can sample as much as possible. Voting will take place from October 1 to November 3.

The top 10 chefs and their respective recipes will then have to convince a panel of judges why their dish should be Orlando’s signature honeyed dessert dish.

Editor’s Note: We’ve been sharing recipe cards in our monthly Bungalower Bundle mailer, which is delivered to our awesome subscribers every month; along with offers to great local businesses that we’ve written about the month prior. Each month’s recipe has instructions to make something that we think would make a great signature dish for the City Beautiful. Recipes we’ve features so far include Lemon Syllabub and Pennsylvania Chicken and Waffles; in honor of the newspaper clipping discovered in the Johnny Reb time capsule.

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