Christian Science Church could be replaced by townhome project


Paperwork has been filed that would see the demolition of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, located at 650 N. New York Avenue in Winter Park [GMap].

A public notice has been installed at the property, stating that the applicant, Condev Land LLC., has requested an amendment to the Future Land Use Map, that would change the zoning of the property to a Medium Residential use and is also seeking approval to divide the acreage.

The project proposal would see the construction of a series of three-story residential townhouses into “eight separate, two-unit duplex buildings.” Plans and designs for the proposed development were unavailable at the time of this posting.

The Christian Science Church was designed by Winter Park-based architect James Gamble Rogers II whose firm was involved in notable buildings like the Florida Supreme Court, the Olin Library, and Casa Feliz. The church was built in 1958.

This project will go before the Winter Park City Commission on October 23, at 3:30 p.m. No demolition permit has been given at this time.


  1. Pathetic, really. The developers nor City Councils (WP/Maitland) around here could not care less! It’s all about growing the tax base.

  2. Sure let’s demolish another building because it’s “old.” I mean why not have more ugly condos built for the affluent close to Park Avenue. Traffic isn’t bad enough these days, and hey, let’s make them 3 stories tall! Because, for sure, the taller they are the more square footage they will be able to squeeze onto the property and the more taxes the city of Winter Park will be able to collect. Oh wait! Maybe we should change the name to “mixed-use” because that always fools the cities by developers who want to demolish stuff. Of course plans weren’t available, because they can’t figure out just how big and ugly they can make them yet.

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