Blink-182’s road chef opening vegan deli in Orlando


Mary Mattern, former private chef for Blink-182, has announced that she will be opening a vegan deli in Orlando, with her fiance Neil Westfall from the band A Day to Remember. Watch the cuss-filled video below to see who we’re talking about.

The concept, currently called Heirloom Deli, is traditional deli fare using vegan and plant-based ingredients. A look at Mattern’s Instagram account, @heirloomdeli, reveals takes on old favorites like Chicken Fried Cauliflower subs with Carolina BBQ mayo, deep fried quacamole balls, shiitake mushroom po boys, and hearts of palm crab cakes.

According to an interview with Veg News, Mattern plans on opening her new concept in April, 2018. An exact location has yet to be disclosed.

Photo of deep fried guacamole ball via @heirloomdeli


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