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There is a triangular strip of land at the intersection of Rosalind and Livingston. it is directly across from the new Skyhouse apt. building. I think a schoolhouse used to be located here .. but was torn down. does anyone know who owns this?.. is it due to be turned into anything?.. it would make a perfect pocket park.

Well Chad is onto something. The plan is indeed to use the space as a park. The City of Orlando staff report to the municipal planning board back in May 2012 mentioned:

In order to meet the maximum setback requirements along Livingston Street, the applicant is deeding a 0.12 acre portion of the site fronting on Livingston Street to the city to be used as a park. This effectively reduces the setback to the new (proposed) property line. In addition, a 20 ft. outdoor seating area is proposed on the north side of the building fronting this park area. As a condition of this staff report, the park area to the north of the site shall be deeded to the city prior to the issuance of a building permit to ensure that the setback requirements are met. An outdoor seating area is also proposed along the west side of the building in order to meet the maximum setback requirement along Magnolia Avenue.

The build out and maintenance of the park area will be outlined in a separate agreement between the city and the developer. As a condition of this report, the build out of the park will be required to be completed prior to the issuance of a CO for the building.

Sure enough on August 30, 2012 the developers sold the land to the city. The land was sold to for ten dollars. The ten dollars is clearly a pepercorn.

And for those concerned:

The parks department has expressed concern over the park area to the north being used as a dog walking area for the residents of the building. As a result, the area to the south of the parking garage is to be a designated dog park/dog walking area.

There are some designs in the original plan and on the developer’s website for the park. We’ve posted them below along with some other photos of the contstruction. What would you want to see in the park?

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Skyhouse Pocket Park 1 Skyhouse Pocket Park 2 Skyhouse Pocket Park 3

skyhouse3 skyhouse2 skyhouse1

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    1. He was…we clarified that on Facebook…unfortunately those conversations don’t make it over here. We have reached out to the owners of that parcel and have not heard back. Thanks for keeping you eye out! 🙂

  1. Another concrete “park” less than the size of a normal residential lot is not really my idea of making Orlando “Greener”.