The twelve downtown LYMMO shelters are undergoing some up upgrades. The shelters are part of the free bus service provided by LYNX in the downtown area.

The shelters will receive technology upgrades over the next couple of months. The upgrades will allow riders to see real-time bus information including when the next but is arriving. This technology will be an upgrade over the existing system and will allow users to access the information via the web as well as using a mobile device and SMS messaging. The data will be open source so that anyone interested in building applications can do so. The stops will also get slimmer kiosks that will include LED screens with the latest bus and route information.

In addition to the technology upgrades, the shelters are also undergoing some cosmetic changes including a much-needed fresh coat of paint and updated roofs. You can see a completed shelter in the photo above.

The LYMMO rehab work started on in June and most of the shelters have completed their cosmetic upgrades. The one on South Street will be the last to be completed and that work is scheduled to be done by the end of the month.

The new kiosk installation starts the next Monday and will be completed at the end of October.  At the point the new LED screens will be installed and full activation of the technology will happen by the first part of 2014.

The LYMMO shelter rehab will bring the current stops up to par with the new East/West LYMMO expansion shelters. That new route  is set to go live in February of 2014. We’ll update you on the East/West Expansion of LYMMO in a future post.

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