The city has been purchasing land for the soccer stadium however they have only been able to purchase a little more than 70% of the land needed for the stadium so far.

The stadium will be located north of Church St, south of Central Blvd., east of Parramore Ave., and west of Terry Ave. [GMap].

Despite the City’s attempts to purchase the land, there are two holdouts. The resolution gives the city authority to use eminent domain if negotiations for the two properties fail.

The agenda item titled “Resolution of Necessity” noted that the properties are 639 W Church Street, which consists of 72,846 square feet, and 607 W Church Street which consists of 8,981 square feet. The City’s appraised values are $2,549,700.00 for 639 and $314,400.00 for 607.

According to the Orange County Property Appraiser website 639 W Church Street is a warehouse owned by Northbrook Properties Inc of Northbrook, Il. 607 W Church Street is owned by Vong Ha A and Li Kim A and is vacant commercial property.

The agenda item states:

The City has acquired more than 70% of the Project Site by voluntary purchase. However, there are two parcels remaining, “Subject Parcels,” which are necessary for construction and operation of the Stadium, but which have not, as yet, been acquired. The City is currently in negotiations with the property owners and will continue to do so in good-faith. However should negotiations fail, this Resolution will authorize the initiation of eminent domain procedures to acquire the Subject Parcels.

The resolution was part of the consent agenda posted on which was approved at today’s city council meeting.

The photo above is of 639 W Church St. below is 607 W Church St. Both photos courtesy of Google Street View.

607 W Church St

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    1. They are going to renovate the Citrus Bowl. It is a much larger venue than the soccer stadium and will continue to be used for larger events. There was a push to continue to use the Citrus Bowl for soccer but a condition of getting an MLS team was that we have a stadium built for soccer so that it would be more intimate than something like the Citrus Bowl.