Event organizers are planning to use the rooftop patio of the Chase Plaza in Downtown Orlando for a weekly event.

The event called Elevate Orlando will focus on bringing the Orlando community together by “having an above and one of a kind experience,” event organizer Timothy Green told Bungalower.

The rooftop patio is on the 16th floor of the north tower of the Chase Plaza located at 121 S. Orange Ave [GMap]. It is being leased by Team Gemini for office during the day.

Green says the event will have interactive art, live jazz, and up close magic. He’s calling it Jazz in the clouds.

“Each Friday we plan to Elevate and recognize different individuals, non-profit, for profit, city offices or community leaders,” Green said.

The organizations putting on this event are, Jai Gallery and Event Magic International.

There is no cost for the event and the first Elevate Orlando is this friday and is an appreciation of  Downtown businesses and staff. Event and RSVP info here.


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  1. I think it’s a poor choice in wording. I think they mean you should RSVP. Here is the response I got when I asked about that “The first event and all events will be open to all. The first event is an appreciation to the downtown market. Yes every one should RSVP”

  2. Hi Matt, The flier says the event is not open to the public. Do you know who is able to RSVP? Is this an invite-only event? Thanks!

  3. I doubt the insurance carriers want them opening it up to the public so quickly ~ there are serious liability issues when you combine that altitude with alcohol, just sayin

  4. Rooftop anything is few and far between around here, this sounds cool. So, free to get in and then regular bar service? It’s not clear.