Joey asks:

What’s going on at the Chevron at 300 E. Princeton? Doesn’t look like any recent sales but they took out the gas pumps and are in the process of tearing it down.

It turns out he’s right the property appraisers website shows that there isn’t a new owner of the property for the Chevron station at 300 E Princeton Ave [GMap]. We reached out to Chevron corporate. They told us:

This location was privately owned and operated and has been sold by the owner for other use. It will not be rebuilt as a Chevron.

We were able to track down the owner listed on the property appraisers website. He told us that he sold the property to Florida Hospital. Jody Barry with Florida Hospital Strategic Property Development confirmed this:

We did purchase the station. There are no immediate plans. We are studying what we will do with the property.

Florida Hospital has been purchasing most of the land in that area for Health Village.

We’ve been working with Florida Hospital to get the latest plans for Health Village. The only plans that were released are from 2007/2008 and are out of date.

Once we have a new plan for Health Village we will share it.

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  1. Bungalower, while you’re at it, could you find out what’s up with the Chevron at Colonial and Fern Creek? Their pumps have been shut down for months. (just curious)

  2. damn, that place always had a great beer selection too. . . better than the 7 – 11 across the street anyway.