Orlando Car Share Map

The Carshare program is being operated by Hertz 24/7. Like most Carshare programs you will need to register ahead of time to be able to rent the cars. There is no cost to join the the Central Florida carshare program.

Once a member you will be able to use the Hertz 24/7 website or mobile app to reserve a vehicle and use a device that Hertz will send you to get access to your vehicle.

Rates include fuel and the only fees charged are those for not returning the vehicle in proper condition, without enough gas (they provide a gas card to fill up the tank), or returning the vehicle late.

To sign-up for free visit Hertz 24/7.com.

We checked out the hourly rates for the vehicles that were available this afternoon. Here is a breakdown of the location, vehicle available and the rate to rent the car for an hour (tax is already included in these rates).

Creative Village – 440 Alexander Place
Ford Fiesta – $13.81
Toyota Corolla – $14.87

Central/Hughey – 82 N Garland Ave
Chevrolet Malibu – $16.46
Ford Fiesta – $10.63

CNL Garage – 460 Boone Ave
Toyota Camry – $18.05
Chevrolet Sonic – $12.75

Eola Drive/Central – 1 S Eola Dr, Orlando
Ford Fiesta – $13.81
Dodge Dart – $15.93

Lake Eola/Robinson – 306 Broadway Ave
Dodge Avenger – $19.11
Ford Fiesta – $13.81

The Florida Hospital location isn’t currently available but should be in a couple of weeks.

Orlando’s Bike Share program is expected to start by the spring.

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  1. I get the whole idea of car sharing and I like the concept but who in the world is their target audience with these kind of rates? I can walk two blocks to enterprise downtown and rent a car for 30-40 bucks for the whole day. These rates are outrageous.

    1. Isn’t gas and insurance included with car sharing? With a normal car rental at Enterprise that stuff is extra right?

      If so that’s not bad for an hour rental….

      1. Exactly. If you don’t already have insurance coverage, that alone adds quite a huge chunk to a daily rental charge. I rented at Enterprise over the weekend last month and although the base rate was only $20 a day, I payed a little under $200 with gas and insurance. If you already have a car and insurance but say, will take SunRail downtown for the commute, it would still be handy to be able to rent a car for an hour on your lunch break to run an errand or two, especially if the car share parking spaces are handy to your workplace and there’s no tedious check-out/in process. It will also be convenient for people who carpool downtown but could still use a car occasionally in the middle of the day.
        For myself, I work downtown and live in Ivanhoe. When my car died a couple of months ago, I nearly replaced it, but rethought and decided to experiment with car-less living (primarily because I’d like to direct more of my income towards eventual home ownership). Knowing the car share was coming actually made the decision easier. I’m by no means going to rely on it all the time. Walking, taking the bus and biking will still be my primary means of transportation. However, it’s sure going to be nice for doing big errands a couple of times a month and for a lot less money than renting for a whole day. When I do need to rent for an entire day, I will likely use a traditional rental.