While there are pedestrian crossings at Rosalind Ave and Summerlin Ave, there are no crossings on Robinson St the entire length of Lake Eola Park.

Chad asked:

Has there been any progress in getting cross walks installed near the intersection of Broadway and Robinson? This was brought up some time ago at the [Lake Eola Heights Historic Neighborhood Association] meeting and the city needed some kind of clearance from the state. With all the awareness of late concerning pedestrians it would be nice to have this cross walk sooner than later. You really take your life in your hands crossing from our neighborhood to the park.

There is a clear issue where many pedestrians cross Robinson St to get to and from Lake Eola Park. While there are two curb cuts on either side of Robinson St at Broadway Ave [GMap] and per state statute it would be considered an intersection, it’s nearly impossible to get a vehicle to yield to you while crossing the street.

We reached out Cassandra Lafser a spokesperson with the City to find out what the status is:

 The City has done an extensive analyses and made a concept submittal to FDOT for their review and approval.  The concept proposed is a full signal with an exclusive pedestrian phase so that pedestrians can cross any movement and even diagonally during the exclusive phase.  Nothing is finalized yet, but the discussion is on going with FDOT.

Steve Olson a spokesperson with the Florida Department of Transportation had this to add:

The city is proposing a traffic signal with pedestrian features at the intersection of SR 526 (Robinson St) and Broadway Ave.  The traffic signal is proposed to include pedestrian signals which would include a crosswalk as is typically seen at signalized intersections in urban areas.

We received the city’s Signal Warrant and Operational Analysis study on September 17th.  Our Traffic Operations Section will be reviewing and discussing with the city later this year as schedules allow. If we decide a signal may be warranted, the signal would be constructed to look very similar to other traffic signals.

Olson did also mention that FDOT is considering multiple ways to make the street more friendly to pedestrians.

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  1. Robinson should not be a State road. It should be handed over to the city.

    This is EXTREMELY dangerous and should have been addresssed years ago. Additionally, it is a blight on an otherwise beautiful neighborhood, as the neighborhood has little influence over what happens with Robinson.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the information on this Matt!! As I said before in a previous post, this is one of the least pedestrian friendly roads to cross in downtown. Nice to know the city and FDOT have it in their radar.

  3. One reason is that Robinson is a State Road (SR 526) and Central is not. It’s also possibly classified for different amounts of traffic. The good news is that is sounds like the state and city recognize that there is an issue here. Hopefully it can get resolved sooner than later.

  4. Thank you!! — ‘Bout time …why is Robinson not set up like Central by now?? Add some parking and raised crosswalks. This side needs to be much more pedestrian friendly and parking friendly. Please SLLOOOW down a bit everyone 🙂

  5. i thought the Day building had one but may have gotten rid of – there were crosswalk stripes but of course, Orlando needs blinky signs and arrows! we aren’t used to these pesky pedestrian rules 😉