Centered Across Lake Eola

The fifth See Art Orlando is making quite an impression at Lake Eola Park. The newest installation is located on Central Blvd across from the Waverley [GMap].

The metal statue stand 25 feet tall and looks to be in the shape of an eye with a kinetic element in the middle. The sculpture is titled “Centered” and is by artist CJ Rench.

Eight total sculptures will be part of the See Art Orlando unveiling in November [Event Info].

The other four  sculptures that have already been installed are:

The sculptures are being paid for by private donors. You can see a map of the eight locations here.

Here are some closer pictures of Centered:

Centered 1 Centered 2 Centered 3 Centered working


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  1. You know you’re from Orlando when you love brick streets! I love the Brick streets here.

    This installation has turned out better than I expected.

  2. Nice but when is the city ever going to fix our falling about curbs and brick streets. I’d ask Patty but would probably get the usual run around.