SkyHouse Retail 1

The retail plans for SkyHouse Orlando are underway as the apartment plans to open to residents later this week.

The building has retail along Livingston St and Magnolia Ave. The leasing office has shared that they plan to have a sub shop, convenience store, restaurant and a service based business such as a nail salon or dry cleaners.

The only one at this point that is certain is a Subway restaurant. A Subway spokesperson tells Bungalower they hope to open in January at 90 E Livingston St [GMap].

Once we know the exact businesses that will occupy the other spaces we’ll be sure to let you know. Whatever restaurant that moves in will have adequate patio space that is adjacent to a new pocket park.

What would you like to see in this space?

You can read more about SkyHouse here.

Here are some other shots of the retail spaces:

SkyHouse Retail 2 SkyHouse Retail 3 SkyHouse Retail 4

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  1. starbucks! I can assure you there would be PLENTY of moms that would swing through it after dropping off kids at school!

  2. They should definitely put a starbucks or some kind of coffee shop. I’m sure they would do great being next to the courthouse, we ALWAYS need good coffee!

  3. And pardon me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t cam Kuhn and Lou pearlman behind this whole evil that destroyed what was an awesome church st that was thriving and brought this whole idea of “rejuvenating” downtown a lesson learned? Wish the old cars and street performers and a reason to go down church (exchange) were all still there. I have no need to go downtown to watch a movie.

  4. I’d like to see them all filled actually! Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer, but, living in Orlando for as long as I have I cannot and will not believe that giant new buildings, developments, concepts, retail/dining experiments will work in downtown Orlando. Our place is not a place that is visited or moved to for our downtown. I simply feel it would be better to build and promote some of the things we have and love that are already here rather than waste money building a brand new building that is never going to be filled. Spend money on things that need fixing. Not new problems

  5. The pocket park looks nice and the streetscaping is a HUGE improvement to this intersection.

    The retail canopies / awnings look a little weak. Hopefully some signage and aesthetic improvements will help to dress up the actual Skyhouse retail building.

    1. The pocket park was shaping up nicely…it wasn’t done so I didn’t want to post yet. I’ll run back over next week and try to grab some more photos.

  6. Hi Andrew, The building is actually mostly occupied from a residential stand point. Two of the five retail are filled before opening. I believe a third is very close. The buildings that get built and then sat empty were mostly around the recession. Things downtown are filling up pretty quickly provided the owners don’t ask for unreasonably high rates. What are the buildings that you’d like to see filled?

  7. What a great idea! Another brand spanking new empty building!! Us orlandoans just can’t seem to stop figuring out more ways to waste money building more empty buildings! I think we’re number one in the nation for wasting space! If not real close! We must qualify for some kind of “most dip-shittiest money spent” trophy by now! Why the fuck aren’t we on the map other than the theme parks yet? Oh yeah… Nevermind.

  8. Walgreens or CVS would be great. Surprised they they not made a move to find property here yet.

  9. A good bagel place! Preferably not a chain. I miss my NYC bagel shops. Haven’t found anything comparable here yet.