The Urban Art Museum unveiled their first installation last night in Mills 50.

The Urban Art Museum is a grassroots movement in Orlando to scatter public art throughout the area.

The funding for the piece was raised through online crowd funding. They started in July and by August had raised their $4,400 needed for this first installation. The patrons who supported the artwork have their names inscribed into the art.

The installation is at 932 N. Mills Ave between Tako Cheena and Saya Couture & Decor [GMap].

The artwork is titled “Sol-Community” and is by local artist Marcos Cruz.

The lights on the top portion light up in different patterns to send a message. The message starts over when the lights pulse.

The artist has offered a prize to the first person who can decipher the code (see “Solish” alphabet below) and post it on his Facebook page.

The Urban Art Museum is already raising money for their next piece. You can support their efforts on Click here for more information.

Here is the inscription on the installation:

After germination, the sunflower begins its journey toward the sun. It’s energy, all of it, is continually created and consumed with this singular purpose. It waits for no one. It’s life is short, and soon it will wilt and fade, merging with the very ground that gave it life. Despite its death, new seeds emerge to take its place by tenfold, and they too seek the sun.

Cruz’s sunflower collection celebrates the brevity of life, and the urgency with which we should chase our dreams. Sol-Community, the first Urban Art Museum installation embodies the aspirations of a community eager to transform its environment and to take action. It embodies the ideas, hopes and dreams of a small group of people that were not willing to sit idle and wait for their environment to change. The patrons that made the first installation possible have sowed the seeds for the future, and the ideas embodied in this installation shall endure for generations.

And some more photos of the installation:

Urban Art Museum UAM-Crowd UAM-Artist

Solish Alphabet

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  1. This (and I am sure “these”) are so much nicer than what has just been installed around lake eola. Nice to see what creativity can happen when the city is not involved. Thanks for making my neighborhood even more inspiring. Keep it up.