Art Starter

A team of Orlando residents created Art Starter (Website | Facebook) to help artists crowdfund, market and connect with their audience.

The idea grew out of Orlando’s participation in the National Day of Civic Hacking.

“It was the perfect market on which to focus because [Orlando’s] a city that’s full of incredible artists but very little cohesive marketing,’ co-founder Pamela DiMarzio said.

The team says they saw a lack of tools or products to help artists spread the word about events, campaigns and performances.

“After all, art is the culture of a city, and without culture, life becomes pretty boring,” DeMarzio said.

ArtStarter launched with five projects.

“We are excited to leverage the power of crowdfunding for art and the local community. Our Artists not only crowdfund on the ArtStarter, but also continue to live on the site via events and shows. This will allow the local artists to further leverage the local community,” she said.

All five projects are Orlando based:

Play Me 2.0 — by David Thomas Moran — A game-as-art installation using documentary photography that seeks to raise awareness of how Orlando is #dangerousbydesign.

Urban Art Museum Installation #2 — by Urban Art Museum — Help fund the second Urban Art Museum installation, a 50′ tall by 100′ long mural to be designed and painted by one of Orlando’s premiere artist.

Shoot a Camera not a Gun — by Nolan Thompson — Shoot a Camera not a Gun provides photography/videography families of victims and 501c’s. Our mission is to Create in order to eliminate Hate.

Capture Community: Save our Historical Sights — by Amh+design — Historical sites are more than weathered blocks of stone or crumbling brick; they whisper the story of our human history. Our connection to the monuments we create is worth preserving.

Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen- A New Chapter — by Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen — Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen is Orlando’s new neighborhood restaurant.

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