Taste Restaurant College Park 1

Taste Restaurant in College Park is closed.

The restaurant was located at 717 W Smith St [GMap].

We stopped over today to confirm and while the sign says they are closed for renovation, based on looking inside and talking with neighbors who spoke to the owners, they have clearly moved out and closed.

It appears that the owner may have moved back to Canada.

Now that Taste is closed, what would you like to see in this space?

Taste Closed

Taste Restaurant College Park 2

Taste Restaurant College Park 3

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  1. Gee, Orlando people, are your tastes too narrow for the blessed halls that once housed Murmur Records and Tapes ? (at least, I think that’s the old Murmur) If I was an ambitious, risk-taking restauranteur who refused to underestimate the tastes of urban Orlando, I’d put a Belgian-Dutch bistro in there, and I’d call it “Stijl’.  A spot for moules frites, steak-frites, and a wide range of Belgian ales.  I’d even add a Belgian take on that American soul food staple, chicken and waffles. As it would be a bistro, it would have a mid-range price point.  Minute steaks don’t need pricey cuts of beef.   I’d instruct the interior designer to slip in lots of cheeky references to Murmur into the bistro theme, as Murmur was one of the few places in 80’s Orlando I could escape to in order to buy angst-y British imports with surly record-store clerk attitude.  Homage would be absolutely necessary.

  2. We all saw this coming. I can see all sort of stuff that could go in there. And there is parking in the back i think.

  3. Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Subway, or Starbucks so that College Park doesn’t become one of these bourgeouis hip places! Or a strip club for when the kids get older!

  4. Definitely a chain italian place, but not like an Olive Garden, more like an Italio or Fazolizs would be perfect!

  5. I agree with all the suggestions for music, dance – a venue all the arts! Actually, check out College Park Neighborhood Arts & Theatre Center. They’ve already set that wheel in motion to meet this need in CP and are making great progress! They heard the cry of all of us CPers to celebrate and showcase all of the talented artists we have here in 32804 and are making it happen!

  6. I love the idea of one of those art studios where you paint with friends and drink wine!!

  7. A book store with old and new books, or antique market. If its a restaurant, please, no more Italian!! xoxo

  8. I know!! I used to take classes there as a young girl and then later as an adult. And my neighbors grandmother [Debbie & Beth Silberman] played the piano for us. Fond memories.

  9. It would be nice to have something like downtown Sanford has called the Willow Tree Cafe, with live music, families welcome, outside seeting available for pets. From what I understand it has great food and atmosphere for all. Very family oriented.

  10. Stephanie blackton, I’ve lived in college park over 50 yrs. that’s what was there, Edith Royal Ballet Dance Studio.

  11. I lovd Taste..Many a dinner date,with my boyfriend at Taste.So sad to hear if it’s closing,though surprised it’s lasted this long.

  12. Would it be too much to expect a ballet, tap, and jazz dance school with classes for children and adults?