Hertz 247 Map Issue

UPDATE January 6, 2014: It looks like 9 of the 10 cars are now available. The Florida Hospital cars are still not showing on the map.

@furmanda tweeted us:

@bungalower Have you heard if Hertz247 is scaling back carshare program already? It seems only 2 vehicles available for any January date.

The car share program @furmanda is talking about is the new Hertz 24/7 Car Share program launched by the Florida Department of Transportation that allows people to rent cars by the hour in Orlando.

Sure enough when we went to the Hertz 24/7 website there were only two car locations showing up, each with one car. When the program launched in October there were five locations, each with two cars. With another location going on board shortly after launch.

We reached out to Courtney Miller with reThink, FDOTs alternative commuting program, to find out what was going on. Here’s the information Miller was able to gather for us:

Per the Hertz 24/7 Manager, a couple of the cars are rented and a few have been removed for service and cleaning. They are not scaling down the program. They are looking into why the car locations are not showing up on the Hertz 24/7 website and app; according to Hertz, this is an “anomaly.” Also, they are working with their Operations staff to make sure that car maintenance is staggered and not all at once so this does not happen again.

This morning another location showed up back on the map but there are no vehicles available at the location. We’ll keep you posted if the cars aren’t back online soon.

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