Wills Pub

As of the first of the year Wills Pub is the latest Orlando bar to go smoke free.

The indie music bar in Mills 50 made the switch on January 1.

Will’s other bar Lil’ Indies has always not allowed smoking since it first opened in 2012.

Will’s Pub is located at 1042 N Mills Ave [GMap]. Lil’ Indies is next door.

What other Orlando bars would you like to see ban smoking?

H/T to Pulse of Central Florida for reminding us about this.

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  1. BungalowerClintAustin1Hahahaha well fuck your gayass community nutlicker!  Now, I am calling names testicleboy.

  2. ClintAustin1 Not going to debate you on this. Just checkout our community standards. You have free speech but on this site we want productive conversation. Saying “Up yours” and the people who don’t want smoking in bars are moans is not productive. That’s all. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Bull & Bush. There are some great non-smoking bars in the The Milk District but they open too late for right after work meetups.

  4. BungalowerClintAustin1 Where in that did I call anyone a name?  Do tell.  If I want to call someone a name I will, that is free speech, and you can delete me, but it won’t stop my exercising my free speech.

  5. Orlando and the State of Florida are really behind the times on this. Smoking should not be allowed inside public buildings. Where is the leadership to make this the law?

  6. They ALL should ban smoking of “anything” pipe, cigarette, or reefers. Second hand smoke is just as dangerous to your health as first hand smoke. Wrose, it has circulated inside of someones lungs, mouth and nose and can be coated with God knows what germs.