Scott Joseph is reporting that the Urban Flats on Church Street is closed.

The 55 West location was new to them after moving out of the current Kasa location. Prior to that they were in Winter Park.

Scott mentions he tried calling the location where no one answered and spoke with someone at their Winter Garden location (which remains open) to confirm that the downtown location was closed.

If you know any details on what happened, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Not shocked at all… The only two businesses that seem to be able to afford to stay on Church are Ceviche and Hamburger Mary’s. The Dessert Lady moved back to Dr. Phillips for the same reason.

  2. It’s always the landlord raising the rent to a ridiculous amount. That’s why every business closes in 1 year increments. It’s ruining the Church Street reputation.

  3. I’m not sure about Urban Flats in particular, but I spoke to an owner of another restaurant that used to be on church street, and she said the landlord kept raising the rent and was difficult to work with.

  4. I don’t understand when it says the Winter Garden one is unaffiliated. It is still the same franchise, right?

  5. Church street Should be our most vibrant street but everything seems to fail there sadly! The city needs to have a strong program
    To help that area succeed. The steer needs nothing more than traffic and it’s always closed to that