Church Street Exchange 108

For the amount of tech companies operating in and moving to Orlando it’s surprising that we don’t have a building dedicated to technology organizations.

This need is about the be filled by the Exchange building located at 101 S Garland Ave in the Church Street District [GMap].

Jones Lang LaSalle vice president Aaron Gray told Bungalower that they identified a lot of growth occurring within the tech community and that there was a need for the community to be centrally located.

He says they plan to repurpose the building “purely for the tech community.”

The building was built in the 1980’s as a three-story open air mall.

Gray said normally it would be difficult to repurpose a building such as the Exchange for office use but not for the tech community.

“It’s been exciting to see the community gravitate towards it,” he said.

As part of the new tech hub there will be amenities that tech employees come to expect such as access to coffee and beer.

Additionally he says there are other things in the works including co-working space.

Bungalower has talked with some of the companies that are looking to move into the new space but that this point the only one that has publicly announced is PlanSouce which will take over 16,000 square feet of space.

Overall they have about 87,000 square feet of space. Most of which is office space. There will be some retail opportunities.

While the tech hub mimics some of the ideas that are being planned for the Creative Village Project, it’s on a smaller scale.

If anything, Gray says, “the exchange can serve as a case study to validate the need for Creative Village.”

We’ll continue to keep you posted on this project.

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  1. I am happy to see someone investing and trying to attract sustainable business to this building. Quite frankly, with so much empty space in Orlando I am very suspect of the creative village…it’s great to see existing real estate get occupied. I hope for continued occupancy in existing structures like this before more inventory is built.

  2. Adriano good point! I’m
    Not saying don’t go ahead with this. I’m saying it’s sad to see such a grey space go to office! That’s all. Happy to see something there, just wish it was not an office

  3. Xander There are plenty of empty entertainment and retail spaces available in the Church Street area and this building. If you or someone has an idea for a business to rent the space I’m happy to put you in touch with the Realtors. Unfortunately they continue to sit empty…however by concentrating tech companies here this will hopefully drive more retail/entertainment demand.

  4. HATE this idea. We don’t need more office space. We need more entertainment in this building and area. What a stupid utilization of space.

  5. Khalil – While I agree that downtown needs more retail and culture, the success of a downtown is the result of several vectors. One such vector is a young and vibrant professional workforce, which tech invariable provides. Such a workforce is just as capable of supporting local restaurants as retail customers. Professional workers provide an in-built lunch customer base that is a boon to any restaurant. Local restaurants will embrace this, as retail has failed to make a concerted push into the area.

  6. I’m glad it won’t be empty anymore and I understand the challenges of filling that much space with retail, but it’s in such a great location that it’s a shame it can’t have a more public purpose. The Exchange was so vibrant and fun in its heyday. I wish a small portion could still be set aside for entertainment or dining options.

  7. Thats Fantastic Sean Frank i am all for prosperity and growth. There are PLENTY of empty spaces for tech offices to go into, in office buildings all around down town, you know this. Galleries and retail are what down town needs more of to attract more foot traffic to support the failing restaurants in that area. All i am saying is that is is a pretty building that could have been utilized differently, or utilized for what it was built to be- a mall really. I am sure the tech industry will enjoy the space and we welcome them down town!

  8. Khalil – The Exchange was built for retail. The building is too big to support galleries and it’s a hard sell for most business types to move there. It will be a perfect fit for the tech/digital media community, which is Orlando’s 2nd biggest industry. I think the vision for this building is perfectly in line with the City’s – although it’s a privately owned building and they can do whatever they want with it. The tech community is thriving, yet disconnected, and this is a place where they can come together and exchange ideas and commerce. I think it’s brilliant.

  9. DISLIKE!!!!! that building is so perfect for galleries and function space. Down town is so limited on spaces like this and its a pity to see this building go to offices. Dont get me wrong, i hate to see a building sit empty, but the vision in the city is not on track!