City Commons Plaza 114

The City of Orlando is looking to remodel to City Commons Plaza which is the plaza just outside City Hall that connects the two CNL towers [GMap].

The desire is to have a “more seamless design the developing Performing Arts Plaza across Orange Avenue, as well as refresh the design of the plaza itself,” according to a City staff report.

The main design elements include

  • Creating a more symmetrical design as you approach City Hall. This includes a new ramp coming from the east.
  • Adding additional concrete planters to the steps leading up to City Hall to match the ones on the other side.
  • Better lighting
  • Trim and remove overgrown landscaping
  • Removing the smaller bubbler fountain
  • Adding additional trees
  • Staining the concrete
  • Space for a future bike share station
  • Relocation of the soccer statue to the new soccer stadium
  • Option for adding an additional paver band to bring the plaza closer to the new Performing Arts Plaza

The City asked the Appearance Review Board to review the plans to provide feedback before moving forward.

Also included in the plans is the layout for the Performing Arts Plaza and plans to add interlocking pavers across Orange Ave and possibly to install bollards along the middle of the block to prevent pedestrians from crossing at mid-block.

The current City Commons Plaza was built in 1991.

Here’s a look at the conceptual plans that went to the Appearance Review Board for feedback:

City Commons W:Arts Plaza

City Commons Proposal


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  1. How about paving Orange Ave in red brick in front of City Hall and DPAC plazas?  This has traffic calming ability and also has aesthetic value.