Audubon Apartments 1

A developer is proposing adding a 450-unit apartment complex behind the Colonial Marketplace shops near Fashion Square Mall.

The new apartment complex is located at 980 Warehouse Rd [GMap]. The property is currently vacant.

The apartments are named Elan at Audubon Park.

They apartments will technically be in the corner of the Colonial Town Center neighborhood but very close to Audubon Park and Coytown.

The plan is for twelve buildings with surface parking surrounding the building.

Other amenities included in the site plan include two ponds, a pool, a dog walk, playground and some parking garages.

The current owners acquired the property in 2005 and in 2009 got approval to build an apartment complex on the site.

The 2009 plan called for two-story apartment buildings on the north and the south ends of the property that faced the single-family homes in the neighborhoods next to them and three and four-story buildings in the middle of the property.

The plan they are proposing today is to allow for three-story buildings on the north and south ends.

The plan will go to the Municipal Planning Board next week and if approved to City Council for final approval.

Here’s a look at the site plans and renderings:Audubon Apartments 3

Audubon Apartments 2

Audubon Apartments 4

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  1. I’m a traffic hater as well, but:  The area is growing and I figure, the closer people live to where the work and shop, the less the distance they have to drive.  The alternative is to knock some more trees down out in Oviedo and have them drive 25 miles each way to work.  That ain’t helping.

  2. Too suburban! Why all the parking? What a waste of space. How about one parking garage and 2 or 3 buildings of around 10 stories apiece? The rest of this land could be landscaped into AWESOMENESS.

  3. Excited to see more options around Colonialtown/Audubon Park other than single family homes. That being said, this design is very suburban and uninspired.

  4. I think they halted the mountain bike park because they still found some chemicals leeched into the ground, from the laundry facilities that used to be there. They did clean it up at some point beforehand….just not as good as they thought.

  5. I’d be weary living there. Who knows what the Navy dumped/buried there. (agreed about the boondoggled mountain bike park)

  6. I work in the office park right behind there. It’s really hidden away though. It would be nice to have people living there, because that Cady Way extension, bordering it to the south, is always empty and could use more people using it.