Thornton Park Townhomes 1

A developer is proposing a 28 unit, 3-story townhouse development in the South Eola neighborhood of the Thornton Park District.

The Thornton Park Townhomes are located at 620 Mariposa St. The property is also bordered by Jackson St and Summerlin Ave [GMap].

The 28 townhouses are accessible by car from the rear via both Jackson St and Mariposa St. Each townhouse has a two-car garage.

The complex is made up of four different buildings.

Two of the buildings are 10-units. One faces Jackson St and the other Summerlin Ave.

The other two buildings face an internal courtyard.

On-street parking will be added along Mariposa St and Jackson St as part of the project.

The plan goes before of the Appearance Review Board this month and then to City Council for final approval.

Here’s a look at the site plan and renderings for the Thornton Park Townhomes in South Eola:

Thornton Park Townhomes 2
Thornton Park Townhomes 3
Thornton Park Townhomes 4
Thornton Park Townhomes 5

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  1. Have any of you considered the awesomeness that is having a private roof deck in the middle of the city? These might not be the best looking townhouse a, but the space should be sublime.

  2. Both examples are 22′ narrow townhome blocks. The smallest greenspace above is 10′, an affordable aesthetic price. And, is just as urban as the location of the proposed Th Pk TH. I will never agree with you that spaces like these will attract the kind of refuse that you are are referring.

  3. Yeah…but not row houses are they? Any “breezeway” in downtown Orlando would attract crime, rats, and is a waste of space. Baldwin Park and Winter Park aren’t downtown Orlando or major cities.

  4. I did post about this but can’t find it. This is a non Thornton Park design. Seriously, we need some classic work that enhances this place not more sterile, boring and cheap.

  5. Not the place for name calling plenty of other websites and Facebook pages for that. There are lots of people who would prefer a three-story row home to a two-story town home (me). Look at any other city and you’ll see that they do very well and the ones here do quite fine when placed in the right area. There are also lots of people here who don’t like the idea. Both ideas are valid. Thanks everyone!

  6. Example of non-vehicular, landscaped, rat-proof “breezeway” between two townhome building blocks in Winter Park. This is what I was referring to.

  7. “Breezeways” are really just alleys. Alleys attract garbage, rats, code violations and crime. Walk down a “breezeway” in any major city and let me know if you feel safe…you won’t.

  8. So, Downtown definitely needs more townhomes like this. Is the façade of plain beige stucco boring? You betcha!
    I think a large part of this “gray stucco” disaster currently occurring in our community can be blamed on the “Appearance Review Board” itself. Do they want every building to look like this? Probably…otherwise they’d say “knock off the beige and gray crap”.
    How about brick? It sustains little damage when severe weather comes and ages SO much better than this fake stucco façade crap. All of these buildings covered in this cheap stuff will look just like garbage in 20 years guaranteed.
    Demand architectural diversity now! Our “City Beautiful” demands it.

  9. Are you on drugs? The city’s population is supposed to DOUBLE in the next 20 years…maybe you should MOVE if you’re feeling crowded? Eustice is nice…and small.

  10. I’ve got about 100,000 3 story townhouses valued at over a million a piece in Brooklyn that beg to differ with your provincial assertion. Demand is key. High density is coming to downtown Orlando no matter what naysayers say.

  11. “3 stories to (sic) many stares (sic)! Please! Maybe for you and yours Anna. The rest of us don’t mind climbing stairs…especially when it would only be one flight at a time most every time. Talk about lazy!

  12. Very good to hear this is not the final design for the townhomes.   That would be unfortunate. 

    No doubt, this type of development is missing in Orlando and I think it could be very popular and contextual, given the right attention to architectural detail.

  13. Andrea Salmon the design is not complete with this project. There are more architectural edits to be done. They are going to be gorgeous I assure you. It will add plenty of style, curb appeal and MORE to this area!

  14. I like the inner courtyard unit layout. On the street sides, it’s a very sterile and one-dimensional facade. Needs some architectural variation and more forward/backward staggering of the units to create more interest. Also, the building block is too heavy. Should be broken after 4 or 5 units to create breezeways between bldgs and to create more end-units, which sell better. As shown, not a fan.

  15. Three story townhouses are a hard sell…more importantly these are bland….ugly….who does the developer think they will attract to live in THESE???? Ugh…..people in Downtown want charm, courtyards….especially in Thornton Park. Apparently the developer hasn’t spent any time in that area….duh…..these are no longer the days of “throw up junk” …..”developers” are really just numbers people…they aren’t developing anything worth ‘ developing’ …..3 cheers for more junk buil

  16. Yey!!! More town homes in orlando just what we need… why not just build more high rises that will take them forever to sell places for… You can’t expect smart rich people to move in downtown when the hood is on either side of you. Am I right Bobby Ls Foe Stereorob

  17. I like the townhomes idea especially across from park….i am sure the developer will add enough landscaping to give the classic colors an upscale look. Will they have fireplaces? I’ll take one!

  18. Seriously, I applaud the idea of development but these are just plain blah….the developer should really consider mixed use with retail on the bottom floor. That will make this area walkable and vibrant.

  19. Wow such a creative use of…..BEIGE 🙂 they are so beautifully boring and plain…can’t wait not to live in one of those!

  20. This looks plain and ugly it needs more architectural details and color and 3 story town homes don’t sell well!!! I think smaller town-homes with 1 car garage 2 story is a much better idea and will sell faster…I am a REALTOR and 3 stories to many stares……

  21. There’s enough housing, people and traffic. Stop ruining the city with this ugly poo.

  22. They must have found a way around the ground instability there. The duplexes there are severely crooked and the house across Summerlin nearly fell into a hole a few years back. Also why the park across Jackson was not built on before it was turned into a park.