The McNicholas family opened RT Art (Website) in Audubon Park this week to help artists create fine-art digital prints of their artwork.

RT Art has been scanning and printing art for over twelve years but recently opened a physical shop at 2802 Corrine Drive in the Audubon Park Garden District.

Owner Roger McNicholas started the business when his photography hobby took off and he was looking for a quality digital printer for artists.

Once he started showing his print at shows other artists starting asking about his printing. The printing suddenly turned into an evening business.

Now with his family involved he has turned fine-art digital prints into a full-time business.

“We empower artists without the artists we are nothing,” McNicholas’ daughter-in-law Beth Sanford told Bungalower.

They have a client list of over 500 artists mostly from around the area.

They encourage artists to invest in getting their work scanned so that they can continue to sell prints even after the original is sold and to be able to share their art with more people.

Sanford says the key to their systems is calibration. Each piece of machinery is always calibrated to the other so that what you scan in is the same as what you print.

They offer artists an ability to print items such as note cards, paper prints and canvas.

Sanford says they are looking to turn part of their shop in the Audubon Park Garden District into a gallery.

“We know this is an up-and-coming art district,” Sanford said of the area.

Here’s a look inside RT Art:RT-Art2




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