SunRail Opening 2

SunRail starts running tomorrow with free service for the first two weeksWe’ll be covering the launch of Orlando’s first commuter rail with a series of stories on Riding SunRail.

This morning local commissioners and mayors from the various cities and counties welcomed the SunRail train at the stations along the route.

The train started in DeBary and made its way to Sand Lake Road station for a final grand opening event.

Bungalower joined the celebration at the Florida Hospital/Health Village Station where Mayor Buddy Dyer, Commissioner Robert Stuart and President and CEO of Florida Hospital Lars Houmann welcomed and boarded the train.

Mayor Dyer told Bungalower on the train that even for residents of Downtown who won’t use SunRail to commute downtown, the SunRail launch is still an important milestone.

“To attract talented young people who expect to have mass transit it’s important to have that [in our city],” he said.

Dyer said the addition of SunRail as a public transportation option in Orlando was needed.

“We were one of the last communities of our size to have some form of commuter or light rail system,” he told Bungalower.

Tomorrow morning SunRail will begin their two weeks of free service open to anyone.

Here are some photos from today’s events:

SunRail Opening

Health Village Station

SunRail Opening 4

SunRail Opening 3

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  1. I think it will be great when the offer weekend and late night service but I think it will still provide a great commuting alternative for a lot of people to begin with.
    Mayor Dyer mentioned twice today that they are hearing this sentiment from a lot of people…hopefully they can get permission and funding to run on the weekends.

  2. I’m happy about the arrival of SunRail, but I think it’s a monumental mistake, at least in the beginning, not to have it run more frequently and on weekends. The current schedule and no weekend hours will make its success difficult, imho.