SunRail 101 Video

SunRail starts running tomorrow with free service for the first two weeksWe’ll be covering the launch of Orlando’s first commuter rail with a series of stories on Riding SunRail.

The Florida Department of Transportation has posted a set of videos to help riders learn about how to get to and ride SunRail.

The series of videos posted on YouTube cover a variety of topics as walk through every little detail of getting to the station, getting on and off the train and buying your passes.

The SunRail 101 videos are:

  • Arriving at the Station
    • Chances are you already know which SunRail station you’ll use and how to get there. This video helps you safely navigate your way into the parking lot whether walking, biking or driving.
  • Parking Lot to Platform
    • Now that you’ve arrived at the station, next head to the SunRail station platform. But which platform, and what’s the best way to get there? This video guides shows you the signs, signals and safety of getting to the platform.
  • Platform Tour
    • You already know to “stand behind the yellow line” while waiting for the train, but what else is waiting for you at a SunRail station? This video walks you along the platform, pointing out all the amenities.
  • Buying a SunCard
    • This video familiarizes you with the Ticket Vending Machine and the process of purchasing a SunCard.
  • Boarding the Train
    • The train will be arriving at the station soon, and you’re ready to get on board. But have you tapped on yet, and will you need assistance boarding? This video takes you through the boarding process.
  • The SunRail Experience
    • What can you expect on board a SunRail train? Take a seat and let this video give you a tour of your new commuting environment.
  • Arriving at Your Destination
    • You’re standing at the door ready to get off the SunRail train. This video guides you through the process of stepping off the train, tapping off and making your way to the next phase of your commute.
  • Connectivity Options
    • SunRail got you to your station, but there’s still a little way to go. This video lets you know what options are available to you for going that “last mile” to work or home.
  • Purchasing a SunCard for Persons with Disabilities
    • The SunRail Ticket Vending Machines were designed with accessibility in mind. This video walks you through the process of accessing the features that will enable you to get your SunCard.

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