Church Street SunRail Station 2

There have been some hiccups in the first week of SunRail’s free service but ridership has remind steady and high.

Here’s the breakdown of SunRail ridership for the first week as provided by the Florida Department of Transportation:

  • Thursday, May 1:  10,819
  • Friday, May 2:  10,496
  • Monday, May 5:  8,586
  • Tuesday, May 6:  9,761
  • Wednesday, May 7: 10,437

Trains are consistently full especially during the midday off-peak trains, which run every two hours. FDOT tells Bungalower that to meet the demand they are putting into service and are running some trains with three passenger cars instead of two.

A press release from FDOT stated “at times approaching more than 700 people, spread out among three cars, on one train.”

The statement notes that work is “progressing” to meet the May 19 goal for revenue service.

“The team is currently testing some back-of-the-office matters to make sure the system works flawlessly. Once this is done, the website is set to go live, as will the ticket vending machines.”

We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

What has your SunRail experience been like?

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  1. There’s nothing more important than betterment of the quality of ones life and having a better mood. I agree with you Mr. Geary! You have captured the true purpose of this new venture for all Persons in the Orlando and surrounding counties. Congratulations !!

  2. SunRail has been a part of my commute to and from work for the last week…and I love it. It hasn’t lessened my commute time (actually made it a bit longer), doesn’t save me a ton of money, but my qulaity of life/mood is all the better for it.

  3. I’m sad it doesn’t go to Tampa. It’s a neat thing, but the novelty will soon wear off. There is limited seating even though they have room for waaaaay more. Oh well.