Hinge (Website | Facebook) held their grand opening this for their new vintage home hardware and home accent store.

The shop is located on the western edge of College Park at 1506 N Orange Blossom Trail [GMap].

The store has around 3-4 million items.

Owner Rick Bosserman purchased all of the items from The Hardware Man at Renningers in Mt. Dora.

Bosserman, who had already retired, said he was helping out Hardware Man George Baker’s daughter, Kathy, who took over the business when her father was no longer able to manage it.

Bosserman and his family, with the help of Kathy Baker, took nine months to move and catalog the items into the College Park warehouse.

In the new shop you’ll find everything from sets of door knobs and drawer pulls to antique ice skates, scales and pre-revolution lock sets.

Bosserman’s favorite items include 1938 inline skates and a 1902 Singer Sewing Machine carpet binder that still works.

If you know what you want one of the Hingineers can help you find it and possibly even adapt it to work in your modern house (think vintage door knobs working on modern doors).

If you just want to browse, you’ll enjoy all the oddities you’ll discover at Hinge, which is just as much museum as it is retail store.

Hinge is open Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Here’s a look inside Hinge on N Orange Blossom Trail:

Hinge 19 Hinge 20 Hinge 21 Hinge 22 Hinge 23 Hinge 24 Hinge 25 Hinge 26 Hinge 6 Hinge 7 Hinge 8 Hinge 9 Hinge 10 Hinge 11 Hinge 12 Hinge 13 Hinge 14 Hinge 15 Hinge 16 Hinge 17 Hinge 18 Hinge 2 Hinge 3 Hinge 4 Hinge 5

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  1. @cinderella123 Good point. Curious to know how much of the family’s involvement exceeded the financial backing. It seems common that new small businesses with big backers take credit for designers and employees creativity and involvement in the upstart. There are several in Orlando alone. Credit of all types is important. That is why patents and copyrights exist.

  2. From my knowledge, Bosserman and family did purchase The Hardware Man. However, it was the lovely Kathy Baker, and three talented, younger designers/artists from Orlando (whom she mentored along the way and were ironically “let go” just before opening) that actually relocated and “created” HINGE. Give some credit where credit is do- not just to the family with money watching on the sidelines.