SunRailTrain 200

SunRail will not operate Monday in observance of the federal Memorial Day holiday.

Regular service will resume on Tuesday.

SunRail will also be closed on the following days in 2014:

  • Friday July 4 — Independence Day
  • Monday, September 1 — Labor Day
  • Thursday, November 27 — Thanksgiving
  • Thursday, December 25 — Christmas Day

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  1. Sunrail should be open weekends and holidays! Perfect time for more people to use it. Agree w Andy Pokrivnak, people need to learn to stop and be careful while driving by the long time existing railroad crossings!

  2. With the big 4th of July celebration downtown, all the traffic and parking problems on that day, that seems like the perfect day for SunRail to be open. Why are they closed when it will get the most use?

  3. How exactly are the crossings dangerous? These tracks and crossings have been used for years.

  4. Closed on holidays, unpredictable and unreliable schedule, dangerous crossings…if this rolling boondoggle is still running next January,

  5. Finally a day that my family can get together and enjoy sunrail and yeah closed.