Here’s our rundown of the top ten things you need to know this week in Downtown Orlando area news.

  1. Val Demings still hasn’t said much on why she dropped out of the Orange County mayor’s race exit. The Sentinel article looks at her fundraising challenge and questions any political damage she might face from dropping out.
  2. Apartment rents in Orlando rise 4.5%, much faster than wages. The new report from ALN Apartment Data shows average rent is $0.99/square foot for the metro area which puts the average unit at $930/month an increase of 4.5 percent from last year. Average income only grew 1 percent last year.
  3. Orange County teachers approved a 5.5% pay raise. This means most teachers will get a $2,475 raise this year and those who received a “highly-effective”  evaluation will get $300 more.
  4. The City is looking to outsource some building inspectors. The contractors would help to handle the increase in building inspections. 2013 saw a 54% increase since 2011 in building permits.
  5. The School District is planning a new K-8 school in Parramore but some residents have housing concerns and others, segregation worries. The new school going to force about 30 residents to move, they are getting assistance with the move including free and reduced rent and moving expenses.
  6. The College Park Community Paper provided an overview of a meeting between residents and the developer of the new Princeton housing development.
  7. We shared a great short video on Mr Gold who holds he “We Buy Gold” sign in the Fashion Square Mall area.
  8. A new co-working apace is set to Open in Yowell-Duckworth Building in downtown Orlando. The space is being created by Florida Venture Sourcing and is set to open later this summer. The co-working space in the Church Street Exchange is also set to open this summer.
  9. Our favorite coffee shop, Downtown CREDO is set to open a second coffee shop in Health Village
  10. In restaurant news…Gringos Locos opened their second location last week in the Milk District and The Orlando Weekly stopped by Txokos Basque Kitchen.

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