Meltz 007

Meltz Sandwich Restaurant is now closed.

The restaurant was located on the first floor of the Chase Plaza under the movie theater at 165 S. Orange Ave [GMap] downtown.

No sign was posted on the window and the website and Facebook page no longer work.

Meltz opened this past December. At the time the owners told Bungalower they planed to expand to other locations after this one.

H/T to Scott E for passing along.

Photo from previous story about Meltz opening.

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  1. Bento is open lunch and dinner, and open much later than Meltz, which I’m sure helps their revenue. And I understand your point: another restaurant that is even more off the beaten path has been successful there. But Bento is somewhat of a chain, with multiple locations across the state, which I’m sure gives them a leg-up in terms of success… they’re more of an established business. Also, when you can go across the plaza and get a sandwich at 7-11 that is comparable to the sandwiches Meltz was serving, you just know it won’t last.

  2. That didn’t last long. But quilty1, what’s so terrible about the location? The noodle place across the walk seems like it is always busy.