Update July 10: The intersection of Gore St and Bumby Ave is now also closed as part of the Gore St project. This closure was always part of the project. The intersection is scheduled to re-open on August 15. Bungalower has learned that the City is working with the contractor to try to open the intersection earlier possibly on August 1.

On the Richmond project, the underground utilities have been completed on Summerlin and the crews are moving forward with base and bricks. The contractor has hired a second base crew to accelerate the brick road re-construction of Summerlin between Cherokee Street and Briercliff. The bricks have been installed from Cherokee to south of Richmond and the contractor is currently working on the underground utilities on Richmond St, heading west.

It’s quite frustrating to have a main road in your neighborhood closed for any period of time but it’s even worse when the project is delayed.

We’ve heard from quite a few frustrated residents wanting to know when the road construction projects on Gore St and Summerlin Ave will complete so that the roads can be back open and the construction noises will end.

Let’s take a look at the two projects:

Summerlin Ave — Richmond Street Drainage Improvements

We told you about this project back December. It includes portions of S. Summerlin Ave, Richmond St, Florida St, and Delaney Park Drive.

According to the City of Orlando project description it includes “new stormwater inlets and piping, replacement of sanitary sewer lines and laterals, potable water lines, concrete curbing, underdrains, roadway base and brick restoration.”

When we first reported on this the estimated completion was April. But if you drive or live in the area you’ll notice that’s not the case.

Bungalower has learned that the contractors on the project, Gomez Construction, are behind schedule.

The Summerlin portion is now projected to open in July.  The substantial completion date for the whole project is in the end of September with final completion in October.

The contractor has hired a second crew to accelerate the brick road re-construction of Summerlin between Cherokee Street and Briercliff. Once the bricks are installed on that portion of Summerlin, the contractor will start the improvement work on Richmond Street.

Gore St — Gore Essex Drainage Improvements

This project is also behind. Originally scheduled to be completed in June but it is now projected to be complete by September.

Most of the delay is due to the contractor being behind. The City did allow them an extra 30 days to complete the project due to a change order added to replace and relocate the sanitary lines in the area.

“The City has voiced disappointment over these delays and has encouraged the contractors to ramp up their work by adding additional crews, etc. to finish on time,” Cassandra Lafser, a spokesperson for the City of Orlando told Bungalower.

If either project is not finished by the final completion dates set out in their contracts, Lafser says the City will assess $1,000 a day punitive damages until it is complete.

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Correction July 10, 2014: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the Gore project was originally scheduled to be completed in September 2013 and that it was delayed until June/July. It was actually originally scheduled to be completed in June and is now expected to be completed in September 2014.

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  1. I believe the delay occurred due to changes in plans to handle storm water drainage in order to protect Lake Davis from further contamination. Let’s not forget how mucky Lake Davis can get during drought season. I’m just thankful they’re using a little foresight and restoring the bricks

  2. Sky house was built in 13 months. It’s going to take them that long to do a road.

  3. Thanks for the info. I work professionally civil engineer. Hire me on and I will get them going!

  4. Thanks for the update. I can’t believe gore was to finished last September! By the looks of it, I highly doubt it will be done anytime soon.

  5. I wish this would end sooner… not being able to take the same route to work is messing with my ocd.

  6. yeah! i live here and there is a sign directly in front of my house! practically in my front yard on summerlin and greenwood! grrrrr