The Orlando area has become a fertile ground for organizations that exists to solve a social, environmental or economic problem while still making money.

These social enterprises may be for-profit or non-profit organizations.

Tonight, Downtown CREDO is hosting a group of social enterprise speakers to share more on the topic and their experiences.

The speakers work directly in the social enterprise field and will offer experience on creating and managing a social enterprise.

The speakers are:

  • Mark Brewer — Central Florida Foundation
  • Kelly Cohen with Alex Setzer — Southern Strategy Group
  • Debbie Farah — Bajalia
  • Ben Hoyer — Downtown CREDO
  • Nilmarie Zapata — Global Shapers
  • Richard Powell — The RMP Group
  • Julie Columbino — Rebuild Globally

We’ll be there as Bungalower is working to become a social enterprise focused on connecting people to their city.

The event is tonight at Downtown CREDO at 7:00 p.m.

Click here for more information.

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