College Park Pool

The City of Orlando pools are all open this month and offer free open swim for residents throughout the week and during the weekend.

There are eleven pools in the city three of which are within the Bungalower area.

The City pools offer an open swim during the week and on the weekend where any city resident can swim for free.

The times for free swim vary by pool but are usually between noon and 4:30 p.m.

Proof of residency is required via government issued identification. If the identification does not have a city address listed, you can show that identification and two billing statements in your name that list an address that is within the City. Non-residents can pay $4 for open swim.

The City also offers a variety of swim classes and multiple times for lap swim for a small fee.

Some of the pools are seasonal and are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, while others are year round.

The year round pools are:

The season pools are:

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  1. Amanda Cannon Jones and Ben Jones I am facebook stalking you guys. When are you going to come hang out at our pool? No pesky lap swim.

  2. Unfortunately the college park pool has limited free time to the afternoons when the storms roll in. The lap swim times are in the morning and evening. I would rather pay a small fee and be able to have swim time in the mornings and evenings at least half the week. The schedule is very unfair to families with young children.