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While you can’t blame a business owner for wanting to attract new customers, one College Park business took it a step further when they attempted to grab their competitors customers.

We told you about how the Beauty Spot in College Park would be moving. To do so they closed their current location so they could relocate.

The property owner was nice enough to let them post a sign about their new location at their old location.

The Spa, which operates a day spa just around the corner, saw this as an opportunity and posted signs over the Beauty Spot’s notice offering to accept gift certificates from Beauty Spot and giving new customers a discount.

Beauty Spot owner Jenni Cornette couldn’t understand why people thought she was closing down until she saw the signs posted at her former location.

The Spa’s owner Andy Swart told Bungalower that they didn’t look at the signs they were covering up.

He was also quick to point out that he did this seven years ago when she temporarily closed down her business due to personal reasons.

“We were able to bring over a lot of customers,” he said.

What do you think, posting a flyer over a moving notice…good business or bad neighbor?

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  1. KinseyNadineLallathin  Thanks for the LOVE 🙂  I agree Orlando has plenty of business and customers for us all.  Collaborating and working together in kindness is always the best approach in small business ownership.  xo make it a beautiful day!

  2. Everyone in College Park should be a team player, this is rude and low. They had to of known what they were doing. Their is room for everybody in this busy town, but they should earn their business the honest and friendly way. I have been a regular customer at The Beauty Spot t for 2 years and I’m always blown away by the quality of service and products as well as the amazing offers. I walked into the The Spa once, before finding the Beauty Spot, I was unimpressed with The Spa and it had a weird cold vibe, I walked out. The Beauty Spot is professional, fun, and high quality. I can’t believe a neighboring business would do something like that.

  3. The Spa is a shitty place to begin with, I went there once. Over priced and sub par service. Also, this gimmick they pulled? How low class. The Spa’s owner should go back to the sewer they came from.

  4. JenniCornetteHolt babystacy27 Always!! I drove by yesterday to see if any were still there, I think they are all gone, I only saw one flyer ( not like above) and figured it was Beauty Spot approved. Can’t wait for the new locale and some Me time, love your spot!! 🙂

  5. Thanks @Dawn Michele Evans-Hall 
    Very bad business.  Simply NOT NICE!  Thanks for the support!

  6. babystacy27 Thank you, we agree!  Have a beautiful day and thanks for the support!

  7. Thank you @Chris Nault We appreciate the support!  Have a beautiful kind of day 🙂  xo

  8. Thanks for the support @Jennifer Bottoms !  We appreciate you!  Have a beautiful day !

  9. MeganBrookRoddyDennis Thanks for the love and support!  We appreciate you! #thebeautyspot

  10. Bad Business!!! I can’t wait for The Beauty Spot to open at their new location!!! Love that place and everyone that works there!!!

  11. A lot of people function like that… They build a reputation and their business by destroying others… The guy’s a marketeer and nothing will stop him from achieving what he wants.. Despicable. But again not unusual.

  12. Bad form. I went to The Spa once and had a lukewarm experience. While the staff was caring and attentive, the business itself reeked of mismanagement. My girlfriend recently booked a massage appointment, which failed to make it on their books. Upon arrival, management spared a mere apology, but basically told her to kick rocks. Thanks for posting this, Bungalower. This affirms my previously wavering distaste for The Spa. I’ll gladly take my business elsewhere.

  13. That’s incredibly tacky. Even if they get a couple new clients, they won’t keep them with the poor reviews it seems they seem to be inclined to. The number one rule of business is it takes 5x as much work to earn a new customer as it does to keep a repeat one. Focus on your current book of clients and a positive word of mouth referral will build your books faster than cheap gimmicks.

  14. That is terrible. I canceled my membership at “The Spa” shortly after I started it. It was ok in the beginning, but then the pedicures were awful (Unless you went to Pilar). The last massage I had there I swear the guy I had was high, his body odor was DISGUSTING as well. I also received a phone call from them yesterday asking me to come back.. no Thank you. I will be going back to the Beauty Spot when they re-open. I couldn’t agree with Elizabeth… fix up the place, hire better people!

  15. Not surprised at all. They’ve gone down hill fast since moving from Orange Ave. Rip off memberships, terrible massages, the rooms are a disaster with speakers that rattle while you’re trying to relax. Now stealing customers… Why don’t you fix up your business, hire quality massage therapists, and earn your customers?!

  16. Tacky!!! Will not go to The Spa again! Take the signs down. Earn your business the honorable way … With good service.

  17. Bad business by an unethical business owner. I was a member of The Spa and was treated poorly/ saw others (Nancy) treated poorly. It’s a shame too because they could’ve had a great thing going. Shame on The Spa.

  18. Bad neighbor, bad business and uncouth. I will not be going there, nor will I recommend The Spa to anyone I know.

  19. Is it plausible that they actually didn’t read the signs that most likely stated they were moving, but The Spa figured they were actually closing for good? Perhaps, but a savvy business, clearly they are not, if they failed to read what they were covering up. “Please sign this contract blindly without reading the terms”.

  20. Bad business… My wife was treated very rudely there when she was late because of overturned truck on I-4.

  21. Total lack of class. I got one pedicure there, and it wasn’t good. Blades is way better with much better customer service.

  22. Wow! Really? You didn’t read the signs you were covering up? Bad business, bad neighbor!

  23. bad neighbor! just posting the signs if a business was truly closed is one thing, but to cover the signs of a business relocating? that’s pretty sleazy.