Yogen Fruz

Yogen Früz (Website | Facebook) plans to open a yogurt shop at 2445 Edgewater Drive in College Park [GMap].

The new shop will be the first Yogen Früz in the Bungalower area for the international franchise.

Their other locations in Florida include South Florida locations and one in Downtown Disney.

They will be occupying part of the former Ace Hardware space.

We are very excited to open a Yogen Früz at the Edgewater location,” Vice President of Operation for the Yogen Fruz Florida franchisee told Bungalower.

They plan to open the College Park Yogen Früz location this fall.

This is the second yogurt shop and third ice cream place to open in the area.

You Say When opened in March in Health Village and The Soda Fountain opened in October just down the street in College Park.

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  1. anyone with money and restaurant expertise want to put in a Polish restaurant this side of town?

  2. How about a Thai place? Or Indian? Or sushi? Nope. Apparently, all we need are countless pizza, sub, Mexican and dessert places. Somebody must have confused College Park with a college town…

  3. Hey – if they put a new pizza shop next door – College Park will be set with everything it needs!