We’ve told you about the opportunities for improvement that have been coming up as part of Project DTO, the task force looking at how to improve downtown, today, Project DTO is hosting an event to get more feedback from residents.

At today’s event, each Project DTO committee will host a station asking for specific feedback related to their area of focus.

There will also be music and giveaways.

The event runs from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Wall Street Plaza in Downtown Orlando. Click here for more information>>

More: A complete list of the opportunities identified by the committees & Bungalower’s coverage of Project DTO.

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  1. It needs a simple name to describe, Mills 50, Colonial Town, Thorton Park, SODO (delaney park) and such. Something simple like Chicago has the LOOP. Preferabbly a one world name. Bungalower is a decent name for a blog but not for an area of town. It needs something like “The Core”. So when Orlando grows people can be proud to say they live in “The Core” or whatever the name may be.

  2. Timed traffic lights. I can always tell when the light is going to change because traffic is coming in the opposite direction and they have to stop for red. Crazy. Nothing worse downtown than getting green light and next block getting red. Takes forever to go short distance. No wonder people drive like nuts.

  3. Also, I think utilizing the bandshell more would be a great way to boost civic pride and help people to identify the area as a community instead of somewhere you have to drive to get to. Replacing the news 13 screen with a bigger, more modern one that you can actually see with maybe some digital signage near it would be a great way to make Wall Street more of a focal point for pedestrians. Getting the jimmy Johns delivery bicyclists OFF OF THE SIDEWALKS would also help. Ive almost gotten run over way too many times and has me looking over my shoulders constantly to make sure some weirdo in a skin tight outfit isn’t about to run me off the sidewalk. Gathering places should be better established. The plaza is a tremendous space that is underutilized and could really be great with more events.

  4. Connectivity from uptown to downtown. We need to come up with a safer gateway from that section to downtown to make it more inviting. The pedestrian bridge will certainly help. Also, something has to be done about not being able to walk a couple hundred feet without being asked for money by the homeless. They have a right to try to survive, but some usual suspects are specifically there to just make money.