Wall Street Construction

Wall Street Plaza is opening up a new restaurant/bar concept on Orange Ave.

The new concept replaces One Eyed Jacks and Loaded Hog at 11 N Orange Ave [GMap].

The two storefronts on Orange Ave will be combined into one for the new bar.

The folks at Wall Street Plaza aren’t ready to reveal details on the exact concept but we do know it will include seating space for a restaurant in addition to a bar in the center.

It will also have a pass-through to the Wall Street Cantina next door.

They hope to open the new space by this fall.

The building known as the “Rock Bakery Building” was built in 1907 as a two-story building. It’s been altered over the years and the current facade is a complete replacement from the original 1907 facade.

What type of restaurant/bar would you like to see in this space?

Here’s a look at the layout for the new Wall Street Plaza concept and how the storefront will look from the street:

Wall Street Concept Layout Wall Street Concept Front Overlay Wall Street Concept Front

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  1. I loved hanging out there in my 20’s but now that I am approaching 40 I would appreciate a nice mid-range price restaurant that doesn’t blast loud music during brunch or dinner. Live music later at night would be a plus too – preferable more acoustic in nature.

  2. Should be interesting to see what is reviled. Another bar seems predictable but not necessary. More live performance venue.

  3. Another bar? If it’s a restaurant, then at least it could be a Corner Bakery or something. A convience store like CVS could fit nicely if designed right. Though I’d be more inclined to want a store like Sam Flax and Colonial Photo & Hobby, or something like Whole Foods.

  4. A bar big enough to be the meeting place to watch our sports teams play, something that can compete with Harry Buffalo and show history of Orlando sports throughout. We just simply don’t have that with Cantina, and it would be great.