Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 1

When we told you about the townhomes being planned in the South Eola neighborhood of Thornton Park District back in March, Bungalowers were very quick to comment on the plainness of the design that was shown for the 28-unit, three-story development.

The Appearance Review Board agreed and asked the developer to come back with updated designs. Now, the developers have responded with updated renderings that show the final designs.

The Thornton Park Townhomes will be located at 620 Mariposa St. The property is also bordered by Jackson St and Summerlin Ave [GMap].

The townhouses appear to be all three bedroom / 3.5 bathroom units. The ground floor has the garage and a small bedroom. The second floor is the main living space and the third floor is the master suite and another bedroom.

The plans also have an optional rooftop terrace with a spa. Some of the units have elevators in them.

The complex is made up of four different buildings. Two of the buildings are 10-units. One faces Jackson St and the other Summerlin Ave.The other two buildings face an internal courtyard.

On-street parking will be added along Mariposa St and Jackson St as part of the project.

Demolition has already begun on the existing buildings on the property. The updated designs are scheduled to go before the Appearance Review Board this month.

Here’s a look at the updated renderings along with the different layouts for the townhomes (click for larger images):

Thornton Park Townhomes Mariposa

Thornton Park Townhomes Summerlin

Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 2

Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 3

Thornton Park Townhomes Rendering 4

Thornton Park Townhomes Layout

Thornton Park Townhomes view

Thornton Park Townhomes Floor Plan 2

Thornton Park Townhomes Floor Plan 1

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  1. A variance was required to build the density the developer proposed.  That suggests to me that objections to the development is delusional but completely rationale.

  2. @Jeffery McClain You’re right, those who work for the City are such nitwits! …and conservative at best~!

  3. Think the beige and gray is boring? Blame the city. The “Appearance Review Board” is sick with this BS. It’s not the developer’s who want EVERY building to look like this…it’s the conservative nitwits in the City of Orlando’s government.

  4. Oh! Get real! You College Park whiners are so out of touch it borders on delusion. Edgewater Drive is a major corridor running North from downtown. High rise development was always inevitable. If you don’t like change I suggest you move to the exburbs. I here The Villages has it going on.

  5. They’re townhouses. They look nice. Maybe people just want a place to live and the neighbors want to not be forced to look at something horrendously ugly. Speaking of ugly, check out the townhouses on Harding St in Delaney Park. Those are definitely not boring … I do wish townhouses would be set up so that individual owners could pick their own paint color, doors, and details down the road but in our HOA crazy culture that’s unlikely.

  6. “Let’s meet in front of the 3 story beigy/yellowish apartments”
    “Which ones? College, Thorton, Avalon or Baldwin Park?”
    “I can’t remember…”

  7. Carol and Mark
    ….like what? Love to hear your ideas. I live nearby and am excited about the project!

  8. This design is an improvement from the monstrosity before. However, there is still a lack of sensitivity and sophistication of the execution of the facade. It has decent programmatic elements that do more good than harm. Still a lazy design in my eyes. What’s frightening is that projects like this can shape the culture and livelihood for generations to come. Longevity, cultural evolution, and context are completely ignored. What’s sad is your average seeking homeowner is going to be attracted by the faux royal/classical details.
    In conclusion, this is a step forward but there needs to be more iterations.

  9. These have classical details, not typical of the area. Can’t you look up some traditional architecture and make these charming as our area is? These look more like Hollywood, not historic Thornton Park. If you want some examples, let me know.

  10. Yuck! How about a urban hip design? This looks like a cell block. Ugh……there goes the neighborhood!!!!!

  11. I think the builder in college park should take note of the change in this project.

  12. It’s sometimes tough to tell…there’s a lot of names, owner, applicant, construction company, architect. In this case there isn’t anyone that I’ve seen show up before but they are all local.

  13. Much improved. It looks like they brought in a different architect to rework their prior model 😉

  14. What info do you want from them? I’ve reached out to them to get some more info…happy to ask any questions you have. I don’t usually post owner/developer info otherwise they get bombarded by people trying to sell them services/products. The company names aren’t usually useful because they are usually LLCs setup for each specific project 🙂