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Beefy King Plans to Renovate and Restore Sign


Beefy King

Beefy King (Website) plans to renovate and restore their iconic bull sign.

The third generation independent business is located at 424 N Bumby Ave [GMap].

The Beefy King sign has been at that location since 1967.

Owner Roland Smith says the new sign will be the same but “will be brighter and fully working.”

The sign renovation will cost $25,840 and the City of Orlando is kicking in $12,500 as part of their Small Business Facade Program.

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  1. Well usually the people doing the renovation are tax payers..is that what you mean…How about “City helps small business keep iconic sign”?

  2. Love this iconic sign and restaurant, but don’t like that tax dollars help fund private business projects.

  3. Who was fined?! I think they were told they need to remove or file a permit…but maybe I missed something.

  4. I hope they are allowed to return the crown to the top.
    I am glad that tax dollars are going to support a local business that has been loyal to our community and is raising a third generation here. How many millions of tax dollars end up in the coffers of big business that have no concern for our city? The owners are always behind the counter with smiles on their faces.
    After 40 years, I think they know what hours are profitable to be open.

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