Mills 50 Dumpster

The Mills 50 District is having local artists paint dumpsters in the area.

Over the next few months 15 dumpsters will be painted.

The first one that was completed is behind Will’s Pub and is called “Dumpster Diving” by Christopher Kretzer.

The dumpsters are the latest public spaces to get the art treatment after most of the Bungalower Districts have painted their utility boxes.

Here’s a look at some of the plans for the other dumpsters that will be painted in the Mills 50 District:

Augusto Herrera dumpster art #2 - front Chris Tobar Rodriguez dumpster art front Crummy Gummy dumpster art #2 Daniel Perry dumpster art Jeremy Carrus dumpster art Randall Smith dumpster art Shannon Carrus dumpster art #2 Soco Friere Unladylike dumpster art #1 Winter Calkins dumpster art #1

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  1. so I stand corrected. Painting garbage cans is better than hiding them. Perhaps in your world.

  2. I’ve always wanted my work to be considered “ghetto.” Thanks for the feedback!

  3. An enclosure would attract more trash, and painting art is not ghetto. Disrespecting our neighborhood is ghetto.

  4. Mills/50 must. paint. EVERYTHING!!! Not that I’m objecting, I think they’re pretty cool

  5. How do they choose the dumpsters that get to be painted? Love this idea!