Forbidden City

Back in January we told you about the change in ownership for the Forbidden City Restaurant building at 948 N Mills Ave [GMap] in Mills 50.

At the time, the restaurant owner told Bungalower that they would not be leaving.

Now it appears the Chinese restaurant will be out by November at the latest.

Scott Joseph is reporting that the new building owner wants “new blood in there.”

According to Joseph, the owner has identified a new tenant but is yet to reveal who it will be.

Forbidden City has occupied the once gas station for more than 27 years.

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  1. The owner of the building needs to work out with owner of the restaurant i hope they open back because we miss the restaruant if there is no restaurant so there we cant find a place to eat

  2. i will miss this restaurant i want the restaurant to stay.The person who pays the restaurant needs to stop paying the rent as much as $4,000.And the server really she smells really nice. i really hope they open back(not really)

  3. They were my savior with young kids. Fresh Chinese with a drive thru window. The owners are very sweet people. I will be sad to see them leave….

  4. That is a classic building and great location. Someone should scoop that up.

  5. What’s up with all the nasty comments ? Anytime a privately owned business closes it hurts everyone

  6. A “real” hawker stand…not the restaurant hawker food at Hawkers Asian Street Fare

  7. Knock down the building first, it’s an eyesore. That said, a Starbucks there would be ideal!

  8. Coffee house with a laid-back atmosphere or a farm to table restaurant of some sort

  9. Or a legit Cuban place. There’s no real deal Cuban nearby and I’m counting Black Bean Deli in that sentiment. Something much closer to Los Autenticos or the cafeteria style you get in Tampa or Miami.

  10. Starbucks. I know I’ll get 800 comments about big business – but, hear me out. A combination of brand AND local a neighborhood makes. And there is no Starbucks option for those heading towards I4 via Colonial or Princeton!

  11. Never really impressed with that place but itse always sad to see somebody’s dream fail

  12. Honestly I was never really sure it was even a functioning restaurant still because there never seemed to be anyone there but whoever takes over, I hope they at least keep the interesting architecture in tact. I’ve always loved how much it stood out. So much potential.