SunRail Petition

David Porter of started a petition to get weekend and late night service for SunRail.

The petition to Mayor Buddy Dyer, FDOT Secretary Ananth Persad and US Rep John Mica simply states “Run SunRail on the weekends and later at night.”

In order to add weekend and late night service, the Florida Department of Transportation would need the OK and funding from the local government partners and a change to the agreement with CSX. Both agreements currently do not let them run outside of the hours they are currently operating.

The petition on is looking to get 100 supporters. They already have over 75 supporters.

Click here to sign the petition.

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  1. If they did run it on weekends, they can save money by running smaller trains (as in 1 passenger train car instead of 2) plus an hourly schedule starting at 8 or 9 in morning instead of 5. Just a suggestion.

  2. I’d be happy with an app that tells the train times. I was actually going to use it today but only had my phone and couldn’t find the schedule.

  3. Someone needs to mention that the petition needs to go to the Counties (Orange, Seminole and Volusia).

  4. I’m so glad my comments were heard thank you City of Maitland, Florida!

  5. Save the wasted tax dollars! We need density to support Sunrail, which isn’t happenig, so this is just another waste of tax dollars… It’d be cheaper to buy everyone a bicycle…

  6. While I too would love to take sunrail downtown or to Winter Park on the weekends or in the evening, it’s my understanding that these services have been and are already being considered. The cost is apparently the biggest factor, along with the uncertainty of leisure ridership as opposed to a more definite commuter targeted group. However, I challenge our elected officials to come up with an inventive way to make room in that budget so it can happen sooner than later.
    “IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME”…well, they built it, and we’re here!
    Here’s an article about this issue from Orlando Sentinel in May:,0,

  7. Add holidays too! Ironically enough SunRail was closed on Memorial Day and 4th of July, the two days I would have used it to go downtown.
    Currently I only use SunRail on Fridays but would definitely use it on weekends to go downtown instead of driving if I had the chance.

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