App based ride sharing service Lyft (Website | Facebook) launches today in Orlando.

Lyft markets themselves as “your friend with a car.”

Users can request a ride from a driver using the Lyft app.

When the driver arrives they know it’s a Lyft drive because there will be a big pink mustache on the grill of the car.

With Lyft you sit in the front seat of the car and head to your destination.

All payments are processed via the app.

Drivers are expected to start appearing in the app later tonight.

For the first two weeks, Lyft rides under $25 will be free.

While Lyft has been in contact with the City or Orlando, they have not filed for permits and would not qualify under the current rules.

They City is working with Lyft and Uber to figure out how the companies can operate legally in the City. Until then drivers picking up passengers could have their vehicles towed and ticketed.

UberX launched a last month in Orlando and also offers rides via an app.

Pricing for Lyft won’t be available until later today but is expected to be competitive to UberX.

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  1. Uber! No more drinking and driving, just click your app! No money changing hands, no tips, no problems. Cars are clean and drivers are nice. Whether it is Lyft or Uber, the service is fantastic and beats the hell out of a typical cab.

  2. We love seeing all the great new transportation options that are coming to town!

  3. Lyft carries insurance for the drivers so I’d lean that way. After learning more about what these “ride sharing” services do and don’t offer compared to cab co’s, I was a little turned off purely from a safety and liability standpoint.