Ace Cafe Building 227

Ace Cafe (Website | Facebook) plans to open an entertainment and retail complex in the Central Business District of Downtown Orlando.

The complex would be located in two existing buildings just off Garland Ave between Livingston St and Robinson St [GMap].

The 2.94 acre retail and entertainment complex includes renovating and repurposing two existing buildings into 18,000 square feet of retail space and 14,000 square feet of restaurant plus associated site features and amenities.

The existing buildings are the old Harry P Leu Supply building and the former H20 Church.

The Ace Cafe is a London-based motorcycle/speed themed complex.

This is their first US location.

The London Ace Cafe draws thousands of people to their more than 400 events each year. The  plan is for the Orlando complex to be larger.

The owners are seeking approval for phase one of their project.

Phase one includes a restaurant and bar, a retail gift shop, and a motorcycle dealership.

According to documents filed with the city, Ace is also looking to build a motorcycle museum and repair shop in the future.

They plan to renovate of the 1926 Harry P. Leu building with approximately 6,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor and offices on the second floor.

The 18,000 square foot warehouse building next to the Leu building would be converted into a two-story restaurant with an outdoor bar area.

The plan also includes a courtyard event area with a removable stage to the south of the restaurant, a large, grass block display/exhibit/parking area in the center of the property, and additional vehicle exhibit areas around the perimeter.

The main entrance to the complex would be on Livingston St.

The project requires approval from the City of Orlando before moving forward.

Here’s a look at the renderings and floor plans submitted to the city in addition to a video fly through posted on YouTube:

Ace Cafe Site Plan

Ace Cafe First Floor PlanAce Cafe Second Floor Plan  Ace Cafe Rendering 2 Ace Cafe Rendering 1Ace Cafe West

Ace Cafe East Ace Cafe South Ace Cafe North



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  1. This is good for downtown. More businesses downtown is a good thing. Bringing people downtown for events is a good thing. I probably won’t go, but it will be good for anyone who’s into this sort of thing.

  2. Meh still not impressed- lol – that’s just my personal preference I like the biker culture kept in Daytona , I’d rather see Orlando have less niche places, more universal retail, and indie restaurants

  3. I think the idea is to bring motorcycles and hot rods in FROM I-4. It’s seen as a “meet up” place for those enthusiasts downtown. Opening to I-4 will lessen the noise some are concerned about.

  4. Not for long. FDOT is in the process of converting all crossings between Orlando Health and Florida Hospital into “quiet crossings”. Completely gated, they will by Federal law no longer require to blow their whistles at every road crossing. Quiet zone. 😉

  5. Not very many “loud” bikes like Harley’s. Mostly quieter and smaller British motorcycles. Hot rods apparently too.

  6. Oh, I know what you mean. I live in a condo downtown. I don’t know how people live in 55 West with that train. I can hear it all the way in Lake Eola Heights.

  7. I only bring it up because, living in a condo down, you definitely hear the rare occasion when someone revs their motorcycle down the street outside. It’s clearly much louder than the ambient city noise. There’s no way I would live beside a surface parking lot where people are revving motorcycle engines consistently and persistently all day long and into the night.

  8. This area badly needs any kind of development, so this is good news. As to the noise comments, I don’t think noise is a new thing to people living downtown, lol.

  9. maybe its just the rendering but the giant tower looks like something from a strip mall. Can’t see that I will go to this place as it doesn’t appeal to me personally, but if the Ace Cafe people read this, THANK YOU for not tearing down the Leu building.

  10. I imagine that a biker bar, repair shop and events drawing thousands of people is going to bring a lot of loud bikes into downtown, with the noise reverberating off the surrounding buildings as they ride through regularly. Doesn’t sound that appealing for those of us spending thousands of dollars a month to live downtown. But maybe thats just me.

  11. I’ve always liked that building, and I’m sad to hear it’s going to be a motorcycle-themed complex. That lets me out — and most of the people I know. Do we need motorcycles downtown?

  12. Hopefully it’s a start in revitalizing this area. It’s not a great side of town. Though hearing tons of motorcycles around will probably be a detriment.

  13. Meh. Not done with the biker theme, and I want to rotate the Complex 180° so it opens toward downtown and not I4