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Horsepower Bar and Grill in Chase Plaza closes


Horse Power Bar and Grill

Horsepower Bar and Grill (Website | Facebook) opened just eight months ago, but now they are closed.

The bar/grill was located in the Chase Plaza in Downtown Orlando [GMap].

Owner Michael Lassahn told Bungalower they are working on a new location and would share once they have a lease signed.

Here’s our story we wrote back in December on their opening which share a little more about the place.

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  1. Service was horrible. There was maybe 5 people in the whole bar and it still took 30 minutes for a burger (which wasn’t that great). Hopefully the next tenant will be better!

  2. That location is terrible. Until Horsepower moved in, I had no idea that spot wasn’t part of the front space. Best of luck to them.

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