Cafe Red

We’ve noticed that over the past couple of days that Cafe Red has not been open.

Today, when we went over there was a sign posted on the door saying they would be closed for remodeling until October 1.

The restaurant created the same owners as Graffiti Junktion is located at 54 W Church St [GMap]

A quick glance inside and we didn’t see anyone working.

Cafe Red opened last March and had recently cut back on their hours.

It’s not clear if the remodeling means that the restaurant will remain Cafe Red and they will remodel the inside or if they will remodel the entire concept and go with their more popular Graffiti Junktion restaurant at this location.

Click here for our story on their opening including a look at the Cafe Red menu and inside the restaurant.

Cafe Red Closed

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  1. They were never open. I went shortly after grand opening and never saw it open again after that. My latest thing has been trying to check out Cafe Annie, but they have been closed multiple times during business hours.

  2. I live across the street. Only ate there twice, but was not impressed. Not that the food wasn’t good…it just wasn’t overwhelmingly good. Basic options in a location like that need to either be outstandingly tasty, or unique enough to draw a crowd. It’s unfortunate.

  3. There’s plenty of foot traffic. It’s right by Sunrail. They just need to sell something that everyone else does not.

  4. Friend of mine was a bartender there. The restaurant slowly cut back on hours of operation due to lack of business. She was given the heads up that the doors were closing permanently and left before it closed.

  5. It should be a good location, but Red was just odd. Menu too much like Hamburger Mary’s next door, and the service was not very good. They were trying to be upscale, but they didn’t remotely have a clue what upscale is.

  6. Yes…I actually walked back over to take a picture to say it was closed because it was three days in a row. And they had the sign up. Calls and messages not returned. Clearly something wan’t working with the restaurant…not sure remodel is the fix.

  7. It’s seemingly been closed for weeks — at least every time I walked by, which is pretty often. Lights on, no one inside.