OPD HQ Rendering 1

The Orlando Police Department will be moving their headquarters from its current location at Hughey Ave and Church St to the corner of South St. and Orange Blossom Trail [GMap].

The station is being moved to make way for the new Magic Sports and Entertainment District.

The new building will be three stories along Orange Blossom Trail and one story along South St.

An entry plaza will start at the corner and run along Orange Blossom Trail. The conceptual renderings show sculptures along the street.

There is also room just south of the building for a future three-story small expansion.

It’s worth noting that the “detention” areas on the south end of the property are not detention for people but are retention areas for water.

The concept will go before the Municipal Planning Board in October and then to City Council for approval.

Here’s a look at the current conceptual renderings and site plan for the new OPD Headquarters:

OPD HQ Rendering 2 OPD HQ Rendering 3 OPD HQ Rendering 4 OPD HQ Rendering 5 OPD HQ Rendering 6 OPD HQ Siteplan

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  1. SarahPeerani I know..I think it’s funny because sometime I fall into a habit of using a word in a headline…this month was def rendering 🙂

  2. Bungalower oh, i’m totally not complaining! so stoked for all the new things coming to town and seeing the city grow!

  3. I’m very tired of the unimaginative and over used faux Miami modern designs that make up nearly everything new in downtown Orlando these days. It’s turning into a cheap, cold, sterile snoozefest.

  4. Like the design and agree completely with the location – hopefully this will have the desire “sprawl” effect and assist with cleaning up the area.

  5. You’d think for a city as large as Orlando they’d have a bigger HQ. I guess these days you don’t need all the police in the same place at once.