Princeton 5 story

The City Council didn’t complete the first read of the proposed ordinances for The Princeston at yesterday’s City Council meeting because they ran out of time.

Almost 70 people had signed up to speak and over 40 had spoken when they had to end the meeting because of a budget hearing schedule for 5:00 p.m. but there were more that wanted to speak.

The public testimony will continue on September 29 at their next meeting. This will still be considered the first reading of the proposed changes to allow the development. There would need to be a second reading at the following meeting.

You can read our previous coverage of The Princeton at College Park including more renderings and discussion on the proposal here and here.

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  1. The sad thing is the guy selling to the developer…
    Place some town homes on that space and charge a premium. Making cheap apartments isn’t the answer
    Pollack Shores use crappy money saving materials
    Look at the last
    Projects they built to see what I mean

  2. Ya’all are totally overlooking the upside of this project..first people; lots of ’em , quickly…rent payers w/ a deep love and respect for their property…and yours! Increased shopping opportunities…surely we’ll need another grocery…I’m thinkin’ Winn-Dixie or Piggly Wiggly; not to mention a couple Cumberland Farms and more Pizza joints…. additional Walgreen’s near Edgewater H.S….McD’s, Booger King, Hardee’s Popeye’s….Please, STOP ME! The thought of all of these wonderful amenities I’ve been missing by owning a home for 25 yrs. in College Park… so sad …surely the ” Princeton-Wellesley Canyon” wil bring this quantum leap of “progress” we NEED?

  3. I would love to see charming brownstones or something along those lines here. Maybe 20-40 units whatever comfortably fits in this space not a huge apartment complex.

  4. how on earth does this ugly apartment complex, that looks like a thousand other ugly apt complexes, fit in college park? I grew up there, this is horrible! Unfortunately, out city “leaders” never say no to developers.

  5. This isn’t Clermont! Only person that benefits on the long term is the builder. Take this project someone else. Suburban sprawl doesn’t fit College Park.

  6. Growth is good when it is slow and organic. This project is too big. Traffic and parking already an issue. Not going to help local businesses when no one can get to or park at their businesses. Like the idea of this block being developed but this project is too big for college park.

  7. that’s awful. It’s a WALL. A city block in a downtown might look good like that – might – but that huge edifice in College Park?! No way.

  8. The tiny College Park Publix is already so crowded! Don’t overpopulate this great little part of our city. I am all for growth and change…but not like this.

  9. I’m sure the business owners on edgewater would appreciate new customers. Especially the owners of the vacant spaces.